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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Are You Following the New Alay'nya Studio Blog? (Directions Here)

New Alay'nya Studio Blogsite Offers Tips, Techniques, and Resources for Oriental Dance (Belly Dance, Mid-Eastern Dance)

Darlings - We've moved!


Here's the new blog address: Alay'nya Studio.


Today's blogpost gives a link and overview of a super belly dance YouTube veil resource!


Belly Dance Veil Instructional YouTube Vid by Imei Hsu Shows Softness, Sensitivity, Technique


Too many of us in Oriental dance have performances that are heavy on the glitz and glamour - all brightly-colored, sequined and beaded costumes, big smiles - and not enough sensitivity and depth of emotional feeling.


One of the best ways to enrich our emotional repertoire is by dancing with a veil.


To read more: go to Veil Dancing: A Beautiful Instructional YouTube Clip.


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much love, darling! - Alay'nya