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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Viva la Diva!

Our next Mid-Eastern Dance: Experimental Atelier (MEDEA III) will be held Sunday, November 20th, 2005, with the theme of "Viva la Diva" (or "Goddesses of the Silver Screen").


Anicca said...

I'll be there in a group of four. We are looking forward to it!


Abs said...

Two things:
1. Just a minor note: I believe the date for this Sunday's show is November 21st (as opposed to Nov. 20th), correct?
2. I am hoping to attend the Bellydance Superstars show Tuesday at the Birchmere but do not want to go alone- anyone else planning on going? I actually cannot decide between the Sunday show (at Casablanca, right?) and the Tuesday show but figure I cannot afford both... hm...

Abs said...

I should have read my email first- never mind about wondering if anyone is going to the Birchmere show. Excuse my lack of observation skills... :)

Alay'nya said...

Hi, Dears - Sorry for the confusion! The November 20th show (2005) really IS an advance notice for next year's show (2005)!!! And this Sunday (two days from now) we'll have a much more low-key, informal show - moving the real "Viva la Diva" show to a year from now. Sorry for the confusion - and so look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.
And P.S. - This Sunday we are doing a joint show w/ Amustela and her two senior students - will be most fun!