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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting back to daily practice with "Master Teachers"

Dear Ones -

We started our new round of classes this last Sunday (and will blog about that soon), following an absolutely delightful little Open House the previous Sunday (and will blog about that soon, also!).

I made a little "covenant" or pact with new intermediate student S., who has a great background in dance; strong set of basic techniques. And like many of us, she's ready to find her "true self" in dance. She's ready to open up her realm of technique, of choreography, of self-expression ... but I get ahead of myself.

One of her dance "idols" is Suhaila Salimpour. I agree, Suhaila is one of the "great ones." In fact, I took my VERY FIRST belly dance workshop with her, many years ago. She was eighteen at the time, and she taught the workshop in Philadelphia. It was such an adventure to go to my very first workshop! (She did a great job, by the way.)

So both S. and I would benefit by having practice sessions throughout the week, and I suggested that we each get one of Suhaila's DVDs and work out with it. (Suhaila has lots of DVDs out, and there are at least a few with the Fairfax Public Library.)

Yesterday, to make good on my promise - before I got so distracted with other things that it slipped off my list - I pulled Suhaila's Yoga Fusion DVD from my shelves, and fired it up in the very early morning hours. (What better way to get an official government "holiday" started than with a good workout?)

This really is a good workout; about 40 minutes. And it really is NOT for Beginners! The people who will benefit the most from this DVD will already have some dance training, and are in reasonably good shape, and who want to improve not only their flexibilty, but the smoothness, the "liquidity," of their undulations - and get better control over their core muscles.

What I particularly like about working with this DVD is how Suhaila takes us into undulations (both "normal" and "reverse") starting with the yoga cat/cow alternation. A great way to improve our sense of how the undulations come about naturally and organically in our bodies!

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