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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yippee! The Kindle Version of "Unveilng: The Inner Journey" - Available Tonight!

Kindle Version of Unveiling: The Inner Journey - Available Through Amazon

Tonight, darlings!

At long last, tonight!

If you've not bought your own Unveiling for yourself just yet - for any reason - now's your chance. As of this evening (Wednesday, April 25, 2012) you should be able to order the Kindle e-reader version.

  • Download to your e-reader, or
  • Download to your your computer, if you don't yet have an e-reader.

Want even better news?

I've signed up for a special program, "KDP Select." This functions as a free lending library. Meaning, if you own a Kindle device, and are a "Kindle Prime member," then if you download Unveiling (during the next 90 days only),
you can share it for free with friends, family, fellow dancers, etc. What a fabulous opportunity!

Let me know if you're doing this - it will be so much fun to hear from you! Post your comments directly to this blogsite, or email me at: alaynya (at) alaynya (dot) com.

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