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Monday, June 25, 2012

The "Latest Greatest" from Julie ("America's Mindset Mechanic") - Worth the Read!

Julie Rahm, "America's Mindset Mechanic," on "Dead Languages"

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Julie posted an insightful dead languages on her blogsite. These "dead languages" were not "dead" in the sense of Latin or Sumerian, but "dead" in terms of the energy-impact that it had on both the speaker and the hearer.

Now you've heard me mention Julie before. She's in Unveiling: The Inner Journey (see the tail end of Chapter 21, "Dressing the Part." You may have followed my link to her post two years ago, when she described her "mindset tools," particularly the "plumb bob." (Great analogies, by the way; you might even want to re-read.)

Her blogs are always good. This recent one, though, on how (at least in some parts of our country) we use "dead language" really got my attention. Words like "no problem" (and what they convey emotionally) are an example of "dead language." They lack vitality, life-force, and connection.

If you haven't been tracking her blog, add it to your feed. In particular, read this post.

And think about how "dead language" terms have crept into our vocabulary.

Or even worse - how some people may say things like "Shut up!" or "Get outta here!" when what they REALLY mean is "How fantastic! I am so thrilled and happy for you!"

When we're happy for someone, let's say it.

And by all means, when someone has good news to share, let us NOT tell them to "Shut up" or to "Get out"! Especially when what we really want to say to them is, "Fabulous, tell me more!"

Let's do the "golden rule" and speak to others the way we'd like to be spoken to.

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