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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Alay'nya Studio Hosts Open House on Sunday After Labor Day Weekend

Alay'nya Studio Will Reopen Sunday, September 9th with Open House

You've heard me right, darlings! After a two-year hiatus - the last (and most demanding) stages of writing, editing, and proofing, as well as launching my most recent book - I'm reopening my dance studio. We'll have a grand, gala re-opening party on Sunday, Sept. 9th, from Noon - 2PM. All are welcome - bring family and friends!

The newly-opened Studio will have two classes on Sunday (11:30AM - 1PM, and 1:30PM - 3PM), and one on Tuesday evenings (7PM - 8:30PM; 8:30-9 for additional choreography intensive). The Sunday morning and Tuesday evening classes will focus on rejuvenation and technique-building, and the Sunday afternoon class will orient to choreography, interpretation, and emotional expression.

The new dance classes will have much in common with what I was teaching years ago. For example, we'll use a similar warm-up sequence. A lot of the "basics" will also be familiar; technique drills, "etudes" (dances that we learn in order to practice certain techniques), and even some of the choreographies.

As before, classes will be rich with handouts, and there will be lots of "recommended readings" and "recommended DVDs" for self-study. (These will be augmented now with "recommended YouTube" clips and other online offerings.)

However, there are some evolutions in these new classes, compared with the former.

First, this really is an "esoteric dance school," as described in Unveiling (Chapter 29, "Pragmatic Esoterics," p. 401). Our primary and long-term goal, focus, and emphasis is on using dance as a women's pathway for body/ mind/ psyche/ energy cultivation and integration. Emphasis - ultimately - on the energy integration.

So yes, we're going to have pretty intensive workouts, and do a lot of technique-building. We're going to read and study and practice outside of class. We'll do things in class that will let students (on their own, later) do the really deep-level emotional release work that is needed for healing.

Our real goal, however, remains focused on the energy work. We're going to be juicing up our internal energy, or ch'i, and doing some pretty amazing and awesome things with it. This will range from our simple rejuvenation exercises (we'll introduce a different one in each class), to some pretty advanced work.

For anyone who plans to study with me starting this autumn, let me suggest the following - for right now:

  • Physical conditioning: You'll need strong abs and a stretched-out, supple lower back to even begin doing the kinds of dance movements that we'll use. I expect every student to have a regular, near-daily practice that includes yoga, core conditioning, and technique "basics."
  • Read Unveiling before coming to class: You wouldn't show up for a chemistry lab without having read the accompanying textbook, right? Similarly, read Unveiling before showing up for the first day of class. Have your copy handy; marked-up and dog-eared. Show that you've done some of the "Personal Pathworking" exercises. Especially, show that you're familiar with all the sections that have to do with movement and dance. Why else would you be studying with me?
  • Start your own "energy work" studies: Our other most-referenced textbook is Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts. Autumn is the season of water; we'll be doing a lot of "watery" and "flowing" dance movements. We'll also be working with the energy-aspect of water. Read Lessons One (Introduction), Two (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and Kabbalah basics), and Five (Element of Water). We won't be creating or using any "magical implements" either in or out of class. (This is a dance class, not a magick practicum.) However, we will be using the various elemental energies, and D.M. Kraig's book is the best reference and guide for such matters.

In addition, for each class, students should bring:

  • Silk veil: Typically three yards, lightweight silk,
  • Zills (metal finger cymbals): A later blogpost will give some recommended sources if you don't have a set already, and
  • Yoga mat or Pilates mat: You'll want this for warm-ups and floorwork.

I'll post recommended DVDs and music shortly - both here and on the Alay'nya Studio Website.

Here are Amazon links to the two essential "texts" for our classes, plus a good conditioning DVD:

Unveiling: The Inner Journey is available from Amazon as a Kindle download (see Amazon link below) and also in trade paper form:

Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts, by Donald Michael Kraig:

Core Training for Belly Dancers, produced by Gerson Kuhr:

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