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Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Most Amazing Thing ...

The Most Amazing Thing Is That - You Already Know This!

It happened during the second-to-last class of autumn. I was giving a "preview of coming attractions" - going over the "hot topics" for the winter quarter to come.


I took a deep breath, and launched into what I thought would be the most oddball, obscure, and yet most fundamental part of our next studies. I felt pretty scared with this topic. It's one of those that makes "esoteric belly dance" - well - esoteric.


Mentally, I braced myself for resistance. You (that is, the new group of students - and also those of you reading this) have borne up cheerfully - and even enthusiastically - as I've introduced a range of topics that you (students and readers collectively) often refer to as the "woo-woo stuff."


That's right. Esoteric, by many other standards, means the "woo-woo stuff." And you've been cheerful and enthusiastic in not only trying this out, but in using that term.


This time, I thought, I'd lose you forever.


But as I launched into my description, my jaw dropped. I saw you nodding your heads in agreement. (This time, "you" being the students who were actually in the class that day - and perhaps even you as a reader.)


Over half of you were saying, essentially, "Oh yes, we know this already."




One of the weirdest, most unusual, most "woo-woo" parts of the curriculum, and it's already common knowledge?


I just couldn't believe.


But it made sense.


In the class, we had a massage therapist whose interests and background included energy work. We had a Reiki practitioner. We had a few whose interests in yoga, meditation, and related areas were almost life-long. In short, at least half of you had more than a passing acquaintance with one of the most powerful principles for pathworking, or for bringing your energy work into your physical practice.


Jedi for Women


Over the years, as our curriculum shifted from classical, mainstream Oriental dance to ... well, Oriental dance plus something ... I've tried to express who and what we were in different ways. One that made the most sense was, simply, Jedi for women.


Imagine that you are Obi-Wan Kenobi, but a young Obi-wan. You're not yet the Jedi Master. In fact, you're not yet even a Jedi knight. You're a young man who hopes to one day become a Jedi knight.


Or imagine that you're Hermione, and more than anything, you want to go off to a school that teaches you to use the powers that you know that you have - but simply haven't ever been able to bring together.


Or that you're an young woman in pre-Arthurien times, stepping into the boat that will take you through the mists to Avalon, where you hope to learn the fabled priestess arts.


You've Already Been There, and You Already Know This


Now, let's take this one step deeper.


Imagine that not only you are some fictional character, setting out to learn and master some arcane arts that will require years of complete devotion and dedication - but that at one point, in one of your many lifetimes, you were such a person.


Imagine that at one time, you not only knew these things, but had mastered them.


You were, at one point, a Jedi Master. You were a grown-up, fully powerful Hermione. You were a Priestess of Avalon.


And now, in this lifetime, you're simply trying to bring it all together.


And thus, you gravitate towards energy practices, such as yoga. Or perhaps you've already studied energetic healing arts, such as Reiki. Or you've followed a tradition of ritual, and opened up your sensitivities in that area.


Somehow or other, in your various wanderings, you've already picked up enough so that when the new information is presented to you, it's not new anymore.


It's already part of your known and familiar.


Make sense?


Of course. And for a very good reason.


An "Integration Lifetime" - Or Why It Seems So Tough and Complicated


Many of us are experiencing an integration lifetime. We're pulling together all that we've learned before, and we're making the breakthroughs that we were reaching towards earlier, but possibly didn't make in our previous lives.


That's why this lifetime, for so many of us, is so complex, demanding, and challenging. We're "wrapping up" a lot of things all at once, while reviewing all that we've learned before, and making major breakthroughs that we almost - but didn't quite - complete in our earlier lives.


Sound exhausting?


It's kind of like taking organic chemistry during the summer. (Difficult under the best of circumstances.) And then, while doing that, taking a "survey course" covering a few thousand years of humanities. And then doing an extra-credit project under the direction of a Nobel Laureate researcher.


Which would explain why our lives are so full, so complex, and so challenging.


We're not just making headway in one area, we're doing a lot of things, all at once.


And the Answer Is ...


But what is this one thing - one of the three "cornerstones" of esoteric dance - that many of you know already?


Read the details in the next blog. (Yes, I promise to be forthcoming. And I'll put the link here as soon as I publish the next blog.)


Or, if you simply can't wait, pick up your copy of Unveiling: The Inner Journey, and read the paragraph at the bottom of page 410. (Yes, this is smack in the middle of Chapter 29, "Pragmatic Esoterics," or - as we now call it, the "woo-woo stuff.")











Here's to your health and well-being - and to your overflowing personal energy and abundance in 2013 and beyond!


Much love - Alay'nya


P.S. Do you have a desire to be a "Jedi Master" in your own life? Do you desire bringing all of who you are - energetically as well as physically, and emotionally as well as intellectually - into one art? Do you desire your own pathworking?


Join me. Click here, scroll to the lower left on the page, and join the Unveiling community for quarterly (and sometimes more frequent) communications. This is reserved for people like you - people who want to infuse their practice with the energetic aspects, and use their dance art as a pathway for healing, wholeness, integration, and mastery.


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