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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Alay'nya performing Candle Dance this Sunday, June 6th, in Clinton, MD

Candle Dancing by Alay'nya!

I'm thrilled to present a beautiful candle dance, set to "Mosaic" on Sandstorm by Farzad Farhangi, this coming Sunday at the annual Washington Area Mid-Eastern Dance - WAMEDA Members' Hafla in Clinton, MD. The event will be at the American Legion Hall in Clinton, and will start at 2PM. I'll kick off the second set - which is my favorite; this dance really is a "ritual invocation" of fire energy - and now is the time to bring this into our lives!

Photo by Kriss. Used with permission.

There will be many other wonderful area dancers, including Amustela, who first introduced me to Farzad's beautiful music. She's closed out our last several shows, and always gets rave reviews from the audience!


Jennifer said...

I am so sorry our family has other plans or I would have loved to see you dance.

rui said...

dancing is my dream as well as childhood....

Diana said...

Beautiful picture Ali! Would love to see you dance, but the miles between us prevent it happening.
Will be thinking of us on Sunday!