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Monday, June 21, 2010

What does 2012 Mean for Us?

I stepped outside earlier this morning, and could feel it. It wasn't just the sense of the very longest of the very long early summer days. It wasn't just the heat, the humidity - promising that a lovely morning would turn into a sweltering afternoon. Rather, it was feeling, and sensing, that pivot point of the year.

Earlier today, for the briefest of moments, the sun stood still. At least, that is the sense that we have, here on Earth, in our experience of orbiting around the sun. And now, with a greater sense of acceleration, we start to whoosh towards the other side; towards the shortest days, and the longest nights.

And we will repeat this two more times, and on the third "whoosh" towards the longest night, we will be approaching Winter Solstice of 2012; the time that has been the focus of much attention over the past several years.

What exactly are we expecting? Will the world suddenly come to an end? Will the Apocalypse of John's story in Revelations start coming true, word for word? Will we wake up on the morning of January 1st, 2013, to a world that is remarkably different - if we wake up at all?

Or is there something else?

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Diana said...

"Or something else"???

Good question! One question that we all find ourselves asking from time to time....sometimes more often than other times.

Hope this question will lead young women to read the "Unveiling" whenn it is released.

Having taught school for 35 years, I reflect on all of the things various students asked me, or were confused about in relationship to themselves. Often these were very personal issues and ones they would not talk to their Moms about.

Values, morals, what is love and how do you detect real love, or is it hormonal---sexual?

How can I be me....?
Why do I have to do things someone else's I do not have the ability to think for myself?

How can I become a person, of my own ideality, identity, and with my own goals?

Looking forward to the "Unveiling" and the possibility of answers or
another's ideas to help with the aforementioned questions.