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Monday, June 07, 2010

Unveiling: Chapter 1 (Excerpt)

Unveiling: An Inner Journey

Chapter 1: What Do Women Really Want?

Dear Ones - An excerpt from the first chapter:

"The Wife of Bath was a saucy lady. We find her interesting, even today, as we note her feisty and independent spirit. She held her own among fellow pilgrims when, enroute to Canterbury, they held a story-telling contest. Her story harkened back to the days of knights and dragons, of spells and sorcery, and of damsels in distress.

"In the days of King Arthur, a lusty young man came upon a beautiful maiden, and promptly raped her. There was a hue and cry at this misdeed, and King Arthur sentenced him to death. The ladies of the court, however, felt this sentence was too harsh. They pleaded for his life. Finally, King Arthur gave this young man over to the Queen. His life was completely in her hands. If she decided that he was to die, he would die. If she decided he could walk free, he would walk free.

"The Queen thanked King Arthur, and made her decision. 'I will grant you your life,' she said, 'if you can tell me what thing it is that women most desire.' She gave him a year and a day to find out, and to return to her with that answer."

For the rest of Chapter 1 -- Unveiling should be released by early Autumn. Until then, I'll be posting more tidbits and teasers -- enjoy!


gekuhr said...

So wonderful to see you dancing again. Your performance on Sunday was first rate. You are, and always have been, a real credit to this dance community.

VisionQuest said...

Hi Alay'nya, sorry I will miss the dance this Sunday, but keep me on your "short list" for the next event. I've alerted my lady friends and they are interested and want to see the photos from the event. k

Dolly said...

I love the excerpt from the first chapter of your book! And, think I know the answer ... what every woman wants most. I look forward to reading your book!