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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Circulating the Body of Light" - Works Best After Ch'i Development

Cultivating Intrinsic Personal Energy (Ch'i) - Essential to "Circulating the Body of Light"

Circulating the body of light is an esoteric energy practice; sort of at the early-graduate-school ability-level. It is something that all of us who do energy work typically include as part of our practice.

All too often, those of us who do intentional and directed energy work (i.e., "magic") focus on visualization-style practices. This is important and good, but it leaves out two important components:
  • 1) Actually creating and building up our internal energy - so that we have something "worth the play," and
  • 2) Learning to move actual intrinsic energy, or ch'i, up our spines, and
  • 3) Releasing tension blockages throughout our bodies that enable us to move energy effectively.

It's important to do ch'i-cultivation exercises as a part of our regular routine. I've recently included the classic Chinese silk-weaving exercises into my daily practice, along with some chi kung; together, these help ramp up my intrinsic energy level, giving me more "oomph" for the visualization and energy circulation (aka "body of light") work. This is a lot like adding a few more extra logs to the fire; if we really want to heat something up (such as manifesting an intention, or creating a shift in our lives), then it helps to have a bit more extra "oomph."

I gave several good resources for this in a previous blogpost Creating Personal Energy.

My friend and colleague, Donald Michael Kraig, has an excelleng understanding of these matters (and has written several books on this subject). See his excellent radio interview transcript on sex magic. Also, you might check out both his blogs and his books; see DM Kraig's website.

You might, of course, also read, study, and practice what I describe in Chapter 29: "Pragmatic Esoterics", of my own recent book, Unveiling: The Inner Journey.

And just as a gentle reminder: This is relatively advanced practice. Think of what is described in books such as The Secret as "undergraduate level." What DM Kraig describes in his (now in its third edition) "Modern MagicK Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts" is equivalent to a thorough and demanding (although still very accessible) introductory graduate-level text. (It's not that the concepts are hard; it's simply the execution and practice that takes discipline.) Chapter 29 of my own book is essential a precis for a similarly-demanding course of study; mine emphasizes more the physical and internal-energy components. Taken together, along with the references described in a previous posting (see link above) will essentially comprise a very good initial graduate-level training in energy cultivation, circulation, and direction.

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