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Monday, January 16, 2012

Morocco's "You Asked Aunt Rocky" - Fascinating Read, Significant Contribution!

Morocco's You Asked Aunt Rocky - A Major Contribution to Dance Ethnography!

Morocco's You Asked Aunt Rocky - the culmination of years of study, travel, practice, ad writing - has just been released via Lulu. I've just submitted a review article to The Belly Dance Chronicles, for their April/May/June issue, and also published a five-star review on, where it already has three other five-star reviews.

Currently, you can order You Asked Aunt Rocky directly from, and it will be available from by March.


Morocco said...

Thank you SO much for the mention. Gotta tell you, I loved the intro to "Unveiling" so much I can't wait to have the time to get into the rest of your book. Youare some writer!!

Alay'nya said...

Thank you, darling "Aunt Rocky"!