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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Most Important Thing ...

Release the Sacrum to Release Personal Energy

The most important thing we can do - in our dance training, or in whatever body art that we practice - is to release our sacral area. This allows energy to flow. (It also allows our movements to be more natural and spontaneous.) By "sacrum," I really mean the entire sacral area - our sacro-ileac joints, the lumbar-sacral connection (and the lumbar area itself), and the sacral-coccyx area.

Yoga is probably the best way to start the release pattern, along with hip flexion stretches. Tai chi and chi kung-type moves also help to release this area, particularly if we pay attention to how we are using our natural intrinsic strength to hold ourselves upright. See Peter Ralston's work for more information and teaching on this.

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