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Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Rising Star" dancer Sasheen

Sasheen is another dancer in her group (of students who've just been studying for two years) who has rapidly evolved her dance ability. Sasheen's style tends towards the archetypal -- the mysterious, something other-worldly or very old within our world.

Sasheen loves both sword dancing and fire dancing -- this performance will herald a new sword dance from her; one very different from her first one in both tempo and style.

Sasheen was the first of her group to perform; she and dance friend Elizabeth (a modern dancer) put together a show in this very same place over a year ago -- we were impressed then, and anticipate a much more exciting work now!


Urvashi said...

What a fantastic sword performance! Your fire burns bright when you perform, such passion!! :)

Nadira Maher said...

I truely appreciate the way Sasheen handles the sword with the respect and honor it deserves. Her choreography flows naturally and she seems very at home with her sword.