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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sabira - Tribal and classic Danse Orientale

Sabira is now the most senior student within my dance studio, and has been performing for almost seven years in the NOVA and Greater DC area. While she does Tribal style as well as classic Danse Orientale, she specializes in very slow, graceful movements -- often emphasizing her beautiful hands. Certainly worth watching!


Urvashi said...

Sabira is my sister in dance. She was in the same class as me when I was a baby dancer in 2004. I adore her inner fire and mystery!

Nadira Maher said...

Sibira is the perfect example of "still waters run deep." She always inspires me to look deeper into my own soul and feel the connection we all have with the universe. Thank you, Sabira, for all you bring to the world.