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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Special Invited Guest Artist - Amustela

Amustela is one of our area's favorite dancers -- always creative, always inspired, always fabulous! She has been with us in several MEDEA performances, and has always come up with something very new, different, interesting -- and captivating!


Alay'nya said...

Amustela did a fabulous "Zombie dance" -- costume was fantastic (and scary) -- and the dance was TOO realistic!

Katie said...

Wow. She was amazing; not only was the costume complete to the last details (autopsy scar and creepy eyes), her movements were clearly researched and finely tuned to imitate the living dead! It has got to be difficult to create a dance that is both enjoyable to watch, AND evokes the stiff, stumbling movements of zombies. Amustela pulled it off.

Urvashi said...

What a fun and original performance! You looked awesome and your zombie fusion technique was flawless :)

verybendy said...

The Zombie Dance was brilliant, unexpected, and even more electrifying than the version on Youtube (
Amustela, what a brilliant concept,
carried off with characteristic detail and drama! You make me want to be a zombie when I grow up.

Maha Najeeb

Nadira Maher said...

I never before connected Madame Abla with zombies - maybe she's turning over in her grave! I shudder to think of the research that went into creating "authentic zombie" movement. Looking forward to the video!