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Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Rising Star" dancer Sitara

Sitara -- who has been with me for just over two years -- personifies the kind of "rising star" dancer that we see here. Through her own hard work and dedication (much more than my brilliant coaching), she has developed a lovely and personal interpretation of classic Danse Orientale in the Egyptian cabaret style.

This year, she is refining a previous work -- adding extra dimensions and polish.

Those of you who saw Sitara perform just last May will get a treat to see how her dance has evolved so rapidly within such a short time. I'm particularly thrilled with how she has gained an ability to hold audience attention, and use a variety of moods and techniques to add interest to her dance!


Katie said...

I always love watching Sitara. She has such grace and energy when she dances, and her movements are always deliberate-- never extraneous or unsure. Keep dancing, Sitara!

Urvashi said...

You have great stage presence and beauty in your movement. Beautiful performance!!

Nadira Maher said...

Sitara lived up to the build-up given in the original post! I haven't seen her earlier performances and just cannot imagine her as a beginning dancer!