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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Latest word - Anna G. - the BEST massage therapist - back in town!

Dear All --

Can't wait to share the exciting news!

Anna G. (see her comment on blog just prior to this) is coming back to the Northern Virginia area on a regular basis - every two to three weeks - to take care of her existing and new clients.

Anna is absolutely one of the VERY BEST healing, intuitive massage therapists that I have EVER known! It is a privilege and joy to work with her.

Connect with Anna via posting on this blog, and she can respond to your posting - and/or - send me an email at alaynya at alayna dot com - and I will forward to her!

Have a lovely, joyous, and blessed day!

yours in dance - Alay'nya


Alay'nya said...

How cool is this?

I just tried to send a message to Anna through the Friends section - because she is a Follower on this blog - and I had to become a Follower on my own site!

But then, it let me send an email message directly to Anna!

Isn't technology a wonderful thing? said...

Please let me know about the massage!

I'm so in need ;)

Alay'nya said...

Kate - did you catch the follow-on post? It is SO EASY!!! I'm loving this! Now that you're a Follower, and Anna is also, all you do is click on her icon and you can send her a message (to her regular, normal email account - and it will come from the emai account that YOU use!

Alay'nya said...

Kate - fabulous to hear from you - and did you catch my blogpost right after -- it is SO EASY to connect w/ Anna! Now that you're a Follower and she is also, just click on her icon and you can use FriendConnect to send her a message!

pbradfordwv said...

I have to say that Anna is the BEST massage therapist I have ever had.
She is a natural healer, with deep tissue technique and a sensitivity to changes that are needed in one's life to move forward, and she's not shy about telling you what you need to do.
Absolutely the best....
One caution. You must drink LOTS of water and take a hot, sweat bath in the first 8 or so hours afterward to sweat and flush out the toxins released. It is not optional.

Other than that, happy trails.