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Monday, May 10, 2010

Tune Up Your Life - With Help from America's "Mindset Mechanic"!

Dear Ones --

Our entire process is about transformation. This is not just "reinventing" ourselves at a superficial level - this is more than a makeover! Rather, it is going deep into the core of our beings for a "whole life transformation."

Right now, I'm developing curriculum (Levels 1 - 4) that will help us use dance as a powerful vehicle - as a body/mind/psyche/spirit integration pathway - that will help us do just that!

At the same time, we can all use some practical, helpful "tools" in our lives. So let me introduce my dear friend, Julie Rahm, America's Mindset Mechanic. Julie can help you "Tune into your dreams, tune up your energy, and tune out the 'white noise' in your life!"

I've known Julie for years. When we were both following "corporate" pathways, she was consistently excellent. Now, she's consistently fabulous - and can help us all achieve our dreams!

You may want to follow Julie on America's Mindset Mechanic Blog site - I've found some great ideas there! While I've known the principles for a while, Julie's got a great way of helping us "tune up" our application of these same principles. It's like taking our car (our high-performance minds) into the shop for a little - really - "tuning up!"

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