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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Number One Secret for Reality Creation

Dear Ones --

By now, I trust, you are pretty good at reality-creating. Sometimes we call this "co-creation." And if you haven't done so already, please run (not walk) to your nearest Amazon website and order Jerry and Esther Hicks' The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intention: The Art of Allowing.

Another very fabulous read is Machaelle' Wright's Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered.

These are basics. And if you haven't already read them, applied what they have on a regular basis, and experienced the positive results in your life, then you will be DELIGHTED when you actually "try these on!"

But now, I'd like to introduce you to a more refined and subtle aspect of reality-creation. This is tremendously important, and yet often overlooked - as our culture pushes us into such a "push-forward" mentality. As a result, we often find ourselves striving (and underneath that, a bit too anxious) when we do whatever it is that we are doing in our lives.

This is a particularly pernicious pitfall when we start doing reality creations - most of all on the "important stuff."

We often feel that we need to push to get things done.

Instead, often the most important thing that we can do is to pull back a bit, and get ourselves in the right state as we create whatever it is that we are creating.

I write about this extensively in Unveiling. In fact, I devote several chapters to just this art!

Yet right now, let's not pull from Unveiling - let's look at an earlier work that describes reality-creating, and has come from one of the most widely-read authors of our time: Napoleon Hill.

You may already know - and be very familiar with - his famous classic, Think and Grow Rich.

But Napoleon wrote several books. One of his most important, and perhaps less-well-known, is Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind. He wrote this in his later years, after he had not only learned and taught the lessons that he received by observing the wealthiest men of the century, but also after reflecting on how his own psyche (and that of many others, such as you and I) interacted with the basic "Grow Rich" principles.

He gained a sort of meta-knowledge; a higher level of understanding.

And he shared his late-life wisdom with us.

So now, let me share a secret with you. This is one that Napoleon used, and one that I've used, and so have many others.

It is simply this: When you create something, you have to be in the "same state" as that which you desire to create in order to create the instance of it.

Sounds cumbersome. Maybe sounds a little weird. But let me try to explain.

If you're desiring to create wealth, you have to create wealth from the experience of already being wealthy!

If you're desiring to create relationship success, you have to create it fromt he perspective of already being in fabulous relationships!

Napoleon himself gives a practical example. In Chapter 8, "How to Transmute Sex Energy Into Achievement Power," he writes:

"When I reread the manuscript I saw that it lacked something."

He knew, from his previous studies - because every single book that he has ever written has contained a whole chapter on transmuting sex energy - that the quality of transmuted sex energy was exactly what his first drafts were lacking.

He got into "state." That is, he accessed his core, vital, raw sexual energy - and poured it into a second draft. As he put it, "I rewrote it from start to finish" and the result was "electrifying."

As he summed it up, "Anything you do can be electrifying and positive and profitable when it is infused with sex emotion." (Italics his.)

He makes it clear that this is not the same as the act of physical sex. (With or without a partner.) It is the sexual energy, the emotion of that energy, that he is drawing upon and pouring into his creation.

We do this, of course, when we dance. And we certainly know when a dancer is pouring her "sex juice" into a dance, and when she is not!

I've used this teaching many times when writing Unveiling.

In fact, I used it today.

I started the day off in normal, rational-cognitive mode. It began with brewing a cup of tea, and having a good, solid exercise session before I sat down with my Day Planner and my "to-do" lists. (Which were, as they are for most of us, way too long!)

And I knew that something was "off."

It was the "sex juice" factor.

I was starting a new work-week, and I was starting it dry. Dull, Dreary. Totally and completely lacking in "oomph."

The only solution was to "reboot."

I changed from exercise gear into a silky robe. Instead of pulling my hair back in a clip, I fluffed it a bit and pulled it into a nice, neat coiffure. I added jewelry, perfume, sexy shoes. I put on some more lipstick. (Yes, I do wear lipstick - even at home, and even for a morning workout. Practice makes perfect!)

I was feeling a little silly by the time I got this far, but I continued. Instead of using my "normal" coffee cup, I found and washed out my fanciest of fancy china, and served myself coffee in china on a silver tray. I found and polished my favorite silver spoon. I made a breakfast treat of fresh fruit in yogurt, and instead of grabbing a bowl from the cupboard, I sought out a pretty little oversized brandy snifter that I knew was around here someplace.

In short, I made everything, including myself, extra-special. I added oomph!

And yes, I was feeling a bit silly - although I had a big, silly grin on my face by this time as well! And I was enjoying myself so much more - and almost laughing at myself and everything around me.

My mood began to lighten up. Instead of feeling tight-wired and focused and intense, I began to loosen up and find the lightness and humor in things.

And from this state - one much more positive and juicy - I began to re-experiment with some contacts database software, and to follow-up on connections with people that I'd just met, and NOW - still feeling fun and juicy - and having had a lovely lunch that a fellow household member just made - I'm ready to take on Unveiling!

Try this - or your own version of the same thing - and post a comment on your results!

Much joy to you, dear sisters -- yours in dance - A.

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