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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Putting the "Levels" into Practice: A Simple Example

Dear One --

I love meeting new people. (And old favorites, as well!) I love exchanging business cards. I love the buzz, the excitement, of creating that in-the-moment connection with someone. (Does this describe you, so far? If so, read on!)

I also love creating new ideas, new dreams and visions, and bringing them into being.

Where I am so regrettably weak is in the "little details." Tracking expenses, keeping up my travel autolog, and - you guessed it - following up with these wonderful, esciting people once I've met them.

As all busiess consultants and "relationship gurus" will tell us, following up is the most important thing once we've met someone. We all know this. I know it. But putting this into practice is the hard part.

The "gotcha" for me is the tedium factor of processing little bits of paper; something that I'll put off when I'm in high-creative mode (such as writing a book, coming up with a new invention, or developing a business plan.) The tedium-factor is also because one single little business card - properly done - really is a LOT of work. It's even more work than the initial meeting with someone!

As a result, I have stacks of business cards. They're all over. I have cards from the last two weeks clipped together. The ones from a few weeks prior are clipped together, and pushed back to an "in-box" which, I tell myself, will be a high priority. (Very soon now. Any day.) And the ones from even further back are in baggies, somewhat organized by event or general interest area, and further stored in bags or baskets. Not a pretty sight on an energetic or emotional level, not to mention keeping the office well-organized.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Most of us - unless we are VERY self-disciplined, and have great focus and intention - let this little matter of business cards and follow-ups simply slide. And then we lose those valuable, delicate new relationship-beginnings.

I love the insight provided to us by Machaelle Wright, whose work in Perelandra has put her in touch with the various Nature Devas. In her communications with them, they share that a garden is something that is a joint creation between human and nature. Also - most significantly - a garden need not be grown in soil. There are such things as "soilless gardens" - companies, or organizations of any kind. Anything that we create with intention and purpose.

This is a bit of a digression, but with a reason.

If we envision building our relationships as akin to creating a garden, then each new relationship - represented by each "business card" - is like a tender, delicate seedling. We can either plant it carefully and nourish it. Or we can take the effort that we've already made - in obtaining the seedling-beginning - and let it wither and die through lack of attention.

So much for analogy. And truly, we know this already.

The challenge that I've faced, lately, is that as I come out of being intensively focused on the creative process (writing, rewriting, and now editing and refining) of Unveiling, it's time to start connecting with people once again.

These stacks and piles and bags of business cards demand attention.

And yet - I've cringed at the thought of going through all the work - the "tedium" of the data entry, all the little emails to generate, etc. It just seemed like too much work.

So last week, facing these stacks of cards, I felt that it was simply too much. And did the only thing reasonable. I turned this over to my "Higher Power" (God, however you would describe this One.) And took a nap. And when I got up, I had the insight - the guidance - that I needed in order to handle these business cards - and the "seedling relationships" - the right way.

(To be continued ...)


Anna said...

Alay'nya, I too am guilty of precrastinating with paperwork. That is so bothersome to me. I leave that as the last thing to do and a lot of times I never get to it. Receipts pile up in boxes stapled together by month waiting for me to input in my ledger.

Usually when I just cant take it any longer I decipline myself to just stop "the madness" and become the organized individual that I am and follow through with this tedium factor.

I like this blog because I really needed to read this considering this is exactly where I am now! PROCRASTINATING WITH THE TEDIUM FACTOR, LOL.

Thank you Ala'nya for cracking the whip on this subject.

Consider this...Is this a sag thing? Hmmm.

Linda said...

I am the same way. I have too many piles of papers that need attention.
It really is just setting the mind to doing it.